Accelerating corporate value through world class technology

"What do you use this technology for?" "What is your goal?" As a group of Information and communication technology professionals, we always ask ourselves these questions. At FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., we have adapted our vast experience and technologies from Japan to America's current environment. We understand and empathize with our customers' business and work together to face new challenges. We are a group of technology professionals dedicated to accelerating your business success and improving your corporate value, using the power of each Fujisoft Group company to contribute and empower your business.

We are a group of technology professionals dedicated to improving customer value.

"What do you use this technology for? What is your goal?" As technology professionals we always ask ourselves these questions. We will do our utmost to improve your technology and create new value for your company. Using the power and expertise of each Fujisoft Group company we will empower your business.

Core Members

Renhong Sun

Renhong is the CEO of FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., Manager Executive Officer of FUJISOFT, INC., General Manager of the Fujisoft International Business Division, and President of FUJISOFT CHINA Corp. based in Shandong. He is focused on promoting Fujisoft Group globally by straddling our offices in the United States, Japan, and China.

Tsunehisa Nakajima

Moving to the United States in 2004, Tsunehisa was responsible for business operations and warehouse/logistics at a wholesale food company before joining FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., in 2015. Becoming COO and CFO in 2017, Tsunehisa specializes in corporate sales, business development, and human resources.

Tomonari Yamashita

After studying abroad in Chicago, Tomonari returned to Japan to become a development engineer. Tomonari developed a keen interest in the potential for technology evaluation (QA) and decided to pursue a QA career, in which he quickly became a manager, leading a team of up to 300 people in his 15-year career. In 2014, Tomonari joined FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., and became the VP and Head of Technology in 2018.

Takuei saotome

After researching computer vision and image recognition at graduate school, Takuei joined FUJISOFT, INC. in 2000. He began his career at FUJISOFT, INC. working in mobile software development and evaluation. Takuei has helped develop FUJISOFT, INC, business in India, Thailand, and China. In 2012, Takuei helped found the Seoul Branch and, in 2015, he joined FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC. Since joining, Takuei has launched various system development business in the United States and is the leader of the engineering team.


Our mission is to empower our clients to reach their goals faster. With world-class technology backed by limitless experience, we work side by side with our clients to create high impact value.Since our founding in 1970, FUJISOFT, INC., has adhered to the Hinoki philosophy (quality, delivery, confidentiality) and has been committed to the manufacturing of software under meticulous quality control systems. Based on this high level of trust and achievements that we have won in Japan, we at FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., have begun to take up challenges in The United States, the most competitive software market in the world. We will continue to face these challenges head-on without forgetting the spirit of business ventures and startup culture.