System improvements by starting from business goals

As a professional technology company and as your business partner, we understand your needs and propose a system to improve the value of your business. Our mission is to create new value through world-class technology.

  1. Consulting -

    Our technology consultants, with their vast knowledge and rich experience, will suggest new innovative business models, strategies, and an optimized technology environment for your business goals.

  2. Development-

    At FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC. we not only design new systems to help our clients reach their goals, but we also identify problems in existing systems and have the capabilities to solve those problems. That is our value: we develop with our clients to make sure we don't lose the essence of their product.

  3. Support -

    We provide stable and reliable services for daily operations, maintenance, and security. We act quickly with fast flexible updates to match your business development.



Our annual growth rate for 2017~2019 is 400%. This is the result of continuing to provide strong technical capabilities and understanding the business culture of both the United States and Japan.


Fujisoft America is a US-affiliated subsidiary of a Japanese-affiliated company, but it is a small selected team with a venture spirit.


To thoroughly support our customers' global business development, the Fujisoft Group holds three companies: Fujisoft (Japan), Fujisoft America, and Fujisoft China. We are organically connected and work together to support any project smoothly.

Fujisoft America provides optimal solutions to survive in this age of global competition

FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., will provide optimal solutions to survive this age of global competition. We provide a complete system solution, from development to system building, to support. We pursue what is best for our clients, ranging from distribution, the finance and internet business, the service and manufacturing industry, social infrastructure, education, medical care, public institutions, and consulting.
Fujisoft engineers reinvent themselves in multiple technologies
  • AI
  • Robot /RPA
  • IOT
  • Mobile
  • Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobility
Fujisoft offers the best technology to support your business solutions
  • Financial Sector
  • Education & Public Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Mission  - Critical
  • Distribution Sector
  • Network
Fujisoft engineers play an active role in a wide range of industries
  • Automotive
  • Digital Living
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Medical Equipment
  • Factory Automation
  • Embedded Dev
  • Office Automation

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