Accelerating corporate value through world-class technology

FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., offers world-class service to clients in a wide variety of industries, we tailor our technology to fit our individual clients' needs, ranging from tried and tested technology, to current trending technology.

Developing Quality Software

FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., can assist your business in different ways. We develop corporate web systems and mobile applications, verify communication modules on American Network Providers, research and evaluate Silicon Valley Startups, and assist their introduction into the Japanese Market. Through care and consideration we strive to make our clients as successful as possible.


FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., has transformed and adapted experience and technology fostered in Japan for today's America. We accelerate the success of your business in the United States.


FUJISOFT AMERICA, INC., has a track record of success in the United States. With world-class technology backed by our vast experience, we work side by side with our clients to create high impact value. We provide optimal solutions for our clients to ensure their success in any industry during these turbulent times.


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We are based in Silicon Valley with a global network